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Mar 2nd Women Making History in Cybersecurity: Window Snyder

  In September 2021, Girls Who Code partnered with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to develop pathways for young women to pursue careers in cybersecurity and technology. This partnership seeks to tackle diversity disparities by heightening the awareness of cybersecurity and technology careers and working with ... Повеќе »

Feb 17th Oportunidad para superarte

  Arroba Hosting, Hummingbirds Graphics y Pc Technologies Está donando becas para cursos técnicos a jovenes y adultos que deseen crecer y superarse.   Reparación de computadoras y celulares Hacking Etico Diseño web Ecommerce Capellanía Internacional Instituto Bíblico y muchos ... Повеќе »